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tv   Cybersecurity in America  CSPAN  April 6, 2017 1:04pm-1:12pm EDT

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ethan is a stay tuned at golden butte academy he believes cybersecurity is an urgent -- golden view classical academy. he believes cybersecurity is an
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urgent threat in his documentary. take a look. >> the most urgent issue to be addressed in 2017 is cybersecurity. as technology vabses and the infrastructure of our country backs interconnected by the internet, malicious attacks and new social issues will have severe consequence on our society on every level from governmental, to commercial, to individual. for the last three decades, technology and the internet has been fostering potential conflict. for countries, cartography has transformed into satellite injury. payment methods have begun from cash only to encrypted online payments. this technology now requires extra attention. if not addressed could have detrimental effects on our society. >> cybersecurity is such an important issue today because
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of the number attacks rising, the types of attacks, and most importantly the impact of those attacks can impact nation states, corporation, enterprises as well as the individual. so it's the nature of cybersecurity and the respective attacks is why why -- is why it's so compelling and urge today. >> cybersecurity on a governmental level has an enormous and tpwhrobal impact. in june, 20 15, the chinese hacked millions of federal employees' personal files. >> information about four million federal employees and retirees was accessed. you can assume it's everything from name, social security number, possibly performance ratings, job assignments a whole range of information. >> recently, russia has made cyberattacks on the u.s. to interfere we this 2016 election. >> we have much hacking going on. one of the things we're going to do, we have some of the greatest computer minds anywhere in the world. >> cyber attacks are the new
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jeb ration of warfare. additionally, the infrastructure with the public relies on is at increasing risk to cyber attacks. >> much of our critical infrastructure, our financial system, power fwrids, pipelines, health care systems, run on networks connected to the internet. so this is a matter of public safety and of public health. >> most recently, russian code was detected on a vermont utility computer which would have maliciously acted on their power grid. s that real threat which if not addressed will be detrimental to society leaving us all in the dark. clearly attacks on our cybersecurity are an increasing threat to our country. in a commercial setting, cybersecurity has the potential to make or break industries. technology has revolutionized business with everything from communication to e-commerce to advertising. why this -- while it has increased efficient soif business it also poses a danger. because the more reliance placed on technology, the more
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vulnerable business is through this avenue. in recent years, companies have been compromised by cyberattacks. these hacks have resulted in the theft of customer's personal information such as credit card numbers, the exposure of employee's information and safety threats. attacks like these affect billions of people and can cost billions of dollars. >> a criminal world understands that it's lucrative, it's relatively inexpensive, and the potential and the risk associated with conducting the attack is reduced for them. >> businesses are taking measures to prevent this such as in the payment industry where microchips are replatesing the magnetic stripe on credit cards. but work still needs to be done. 91% of enterprises are vubble initial to data threats. individual people perhaps are the most vulnerable to cyberthreats. because not only are they responsible for their own online presence but are at the mercy of corporations and government security. we as consumers depend on our device in our daily lives and
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thus are at a constant risk if the devices and systems we use are not secured. >> my credit card was compromised. within 20 minutes, over $11,000' worth of transactions was charged to my card. that was really scary. >> she is not alone. stolen $15 billion was from over 13 million people. this is a serious threat to the public which needs to be addressed. but there are some well-established security measures which can be use lite -- utilized to minimize threats. >> a lot of vulnerables are being exploited are known. they're absolutely known. those vulnerables are out there. they're published in many cases. so just doing good, clean cyberhygiene, staying ahead of the patches, knowing what data is important, now you're going to protect those. conducting those patches as they come out to protect your
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network is key and fundamental to success. >> additionally, it is important to make it clear to enemies that it is not a good idea to attack the u.s. and the obama administration has been taking steps to set this precedent. >> the bottom line, we want cybercriminals to feel the full force of american justice. >> strengthening the security, resilience of cyberspace has become an important homeland security mission. >> we're also working with the private sector to dedect, prevent, defend against attacks and recover quickly for -- from any disruptions or damage. as long as i'm president, protecting america's digital infrastructure is going to remain a top national security priority. >> this is good progress which must continue in 2017 with the new government. as with in any -- as with any issue there potential drawbacks. first a more comprehensive cyberdefense will require resource, resources which could have been used elsewhere. if now cyber facilities an
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regulations are imposed in the commercial setting it wilcots companies, costs which can be passed on to consumers rmooth concern, by strengthening our government's cyberpresence will put our fourth amendment rights at risk. some worry their privacy could be unconstitutionally violate bud internet security measures. also by training hackers to defend our country and giving sensitive to material, it sets up the possibility of treachery. cybersecurity is the most important issue to be addressed in 2017. without addressing it, our country, commerce, and general way of life will be jeopardized by malicious attacks an issues e may not be prepared for. >> watch all the


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